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                                            Mrs. Pirog

                                    Welcome to Health

Google Classroom codes for HEALTH

Grades 3-4        4x2vywp

Grade 2              3mow4mt

Grades K-1        73hqycp

Lessons will be found at these classrooms starting 4-27-20.

Please join.

Mrs. Pirog

Hello Students!

Expectations going forward:
It is expected that you complete one Health assignment every week.

I can be flexible, but you are responsible for completing all assignments.

If at any time you are having difficulty with an assignment you are expected to contact me by email at for help.

After April vacation check your email or check my staff page on the school website or your email for a code to join my Health Google Classroom!

This week check out this youtube video from the CDC (Centers for Disease Control) on how to create a mask to wear when going outside. Let me know what type you created.

Miss you all, 
Mrs. Pirog

Mrs. Pirog is missing you all during these trying times. I hope you are all staying healthy. Remember to practice good hygiene.
1. Cover coughs and sneezes by using your inside elbow or a tissue.
2. Keep hands away from your eyes, nose, and mouth.
3. Wash your hands for 20 seconds.

 An activity you can do this week is to take a picture or video of yourself washing your hands properly while singing. Remember 20 seconds would be singing “Happy Birthday (2 times) or ABC’s”. There are other songs that are 20 seconds in length that you can find on-line. I did a Google search for “20 second songs to sing while washing hands”. Be creative. Send your pictures or videos to my

Check out this website for videos and activities on killing and stopping the spread of germs.

I’m looking forward to seeing some pictures and videos.
Stay healthy!

Health education teaches about physical, mental, emotional and social health. It motivates students to improve and maintain their health, prevent disease, and reduce risky behaviors. Health education curricula and instruction help students learn skills they will use to make healthy choices throughout their lifetime. I am so happy to be at Munger Hill and enjoy teaching all of your children about the importance of good health and making smart choices in life.

If you need to reach me, you can call the school at 413-572-6520 or email me at

Thank you,
Donna Pirog