Hello Room 101 Families,

     Hello Kindergarten families!  It has been one crazy week so far and I hope you are all safe and doing well.  As you all know I too have two boys at home, ages 15 and 12, and the social distancing is not easy on them wanting to see their friends, but we are getting through it one day at a time.  I’m sure your children are missing their friends and school just as much as we miss seeing their smiling faces each day! Please know that you can contact me at any time if you have any questions or if you are just looking for ideas or activities to do with your child.  I do check my email daily so you can always reach me at or through our class dojo app which I check daily as well.  Also, if you could please send me your email addresses, that would be very helpful so that I can send any updates, activities/ideas, or important notifications in the upcoming weeks.  Lastly, please tell your children that Mrs. Kaddy and I say hello, and that we miss them! Stay safe and healthy, and enjoy the extra family time!

Mrs. Wagner

Hello Room 102 Families,

     What a whirlwind this past week has been!  I hope through all of it that you are healthy, safe and calm.  Mrs. Slowik, Mrs. Edmonds and I all send a big smile, a wave and well wishes to you! We miss you and think of you often! The Manley family is all well, and doing our best to follow recommendations put forth by people who know how to best handle this situation. 

     One of the details I would love to change is to be able to see and teach my students!  Knowing that is not an option for now, the Kindergarten teachers have worked hard to provide quality educational activities for our students to complete at home. I am asking that as parents, you help me out.  First, would you please email me at with your contact information.?  Please send your email address, a phone number and your mailing address.  We may use many forms of communication in the days to come. Secondly, please read through the following information, as it will give you some starting ideas to help continue your child’s education. Lastly, please check my page on the Munger Hill website and your email often, as we plan to update you as we learn new ways to keep our students engaged. All that being said, I will do the same...if you would like to contact me, my email is above.  I check it multiple times throughout the day, and look forward to connecting with you!

      Stay healthy and safe!

      Mrs. Manley

Hello Room 103 Families,

We hope all of you are well and your extended families and friends are also well. Please tell all your children that Ms. Butera and I say hello and that we miss them! I think about you all each day, throughout the day. I have two boys at home 4 and 7, so I know there are challenges in every home right now. I want you to know that I check my email throughout the day and I am here for you with any questions and suggestions. I do not have everyone’s email so please send me a quick hello to so that I can send out group emails with some creative ideas in the upcoming days/weeks. Feel free to have children send me emails and pictures too! I would love to respond to them and keep in touch. They always bring a smile to my face with their love of school. I am sure it's hard on them not to see their friends. My son is also missing school already. We have been doing family bike rides that have helped ease our minds a little and enjoy the fresh air. 

 Please check your emails and the school website for updates on things children can be doing and more specific lesson ideas for kindergarten. We want to help ease some of the worries you have of your child’s educational needs and how they can be practicing to progress in their knowledge. Students have made such great progress this year and we are here to continue to support this. Please stay in contact as it is very important to me and our k team that we communicate during these home days.

Thank You and Take Care,

        Mrs. Roy

 (In red are updates/thoughts regarding what is in the packet that had been sent home.)

As a grade level we sent home the following items to use to continue students learning and progress during potential home days. Below this list are some examples of how we would use these activities in the classroom. In the future days/weeks I plan to send ideas such as these to your email accounts and post to our website.

  1. They can log into and log on as a student. They would follow the directions on the next page. This is where their log in number was written and all passwords are: Lion1234

If you lost their number or they can not recall it please let us  know and we can help you with their number. If they are having difficulty logging in please let us know so we can help get you set up.

    1. In clever they can log into the teacher suggested websites by clicking the teachers name. 

    2. They can log into iready and complete either math or literacy lessons. 

    3. They can log into stmath and continue their path with gigi math challenges.

  1. Students can pick a few pages from the worksheet packet that includes literacy and math activities that practice kindergarten skills.

  • This packet had double sided worksheets that totaled 21 activities. It also had sight words and writing practice. Our suggestion would be to pick a page that has a game that can be played with an adult or older child. This time can be used to discuss the skills and assess the child's knowledge. It can be a chance to clarify the skill if needed or extend the skill if they are ready. Then the other side could be used as independent work. This won’t work for all pages but does for some. Below are other suggestions. 

  1. Students can practice reading and writing sight words. 

  • Sight words can be written in chalk on the driveway when it’s nice out.

  • They can be written in shaving cream.

  •  Form letters with playdough to spell words.

  • Use foam letters to spell words.

  • Sight words can be found in books. 

  • They can be written and cut apart to mix up and unscramble into words.

  1. Students can practice counting sets of home objects and writing numbers 0-20.
    Students can count food items or manipulatives.

  • Candy, cereal, pasta, beans, nuts, etc.

  • Legos, blocks, beads, crayons, coins, etc.

(An example from Mrs. Roy) We did a fun activity with jelly beans! I put a bag of jelly beans in a bowl. My 4 year old sorted the colors. My 7 yr old counted the sets of jelly beans with the 4 yr old choral counting along. We chose two colors to add and my 7 yr old wrote the addition sentence. Example: 7 (red) + 4 (yellow) = 11

When we were done adding we used them for subtraction. They loved this as they were eating them to subtract!! This is where you may choose another food item if you don’t want the sugar to kick in! It did get their attention and is something we can not do at school so it was fun to do at home. :)

Example: 7 (red) - 4 (yellow)= 3  This is also where I chose the smaller amounts to subtract so they weren’t eating too many! But they didn’t realize that. 

When we finished this activity then my 7 yr old did an independent task such as a worksheet or some stmath/iready time. 

  1. Students can listen to or read books of their choice at home and keep a log on the provided sheet.

  • They can practice their reading on if they do not have leveled reading books at home. They can access starfall through clever by clicking on their teacher’s owl. You can also go to the above website and not go through clever. However, this website does not allow full access on ipads. There are many books to click on and students are familiar with it from school. The story can be read to them or they can read independently and when they get stuck they can click the unknown word and the program will assist and sound out/read the word to them. 

  • is a website that has actors reading aloud and discussing books to the children. Students have also heard this before and are familiar. This is another time they can be independent for about 10-20 minutes once they are set up.

  • ABC Mouse is now offering free membership by using the code SCHOOL7771.

  •, a sister company to Amazon, is offering free audio book content to listeners of all ages.

  • There are many others and some are on our school website as suggestions. We will also provide more suggestions in the upcoming days/weeks. Some websites we can send to you or invite you to via emails.

  1. Students can practice their writing skills with the descriptive writing packet. They can make lists of what they see in the provided picture and or write sentences about the provided picture. Students should be encouraged to sound out words they don’t know how to spell and write the sounds they hear. They can also be encouraged to check their sight word spelling, reminded about capital letters at the beginning of a sentence, and also punctuation at the end of a sentence. 

  1. Students can free write and draw topics of their choice with provided paper. 

We apologize as we forgot to include this paper. Mrs. Roy did purchase primary journals for her  7 year old on amazon. They are between 5 and 10 dollars. She got a package of two for about 10.50.   These are great as they have the primary line spaces and a drawing space. If you dare to venture out, the Dollar Store usually has primary lined paper/notebooks that could be used as well.  Additionally, the website is currently offering free writing paper for kindergartners. You will need to set up an account with a username and a password, then search for free spring writing pages for kindergarten.  The version we saw was offered by iheartliteracy. You can print out multiple copies of the paper once you download. Please keep in mind that our students are still working on learning line spacing when writing letters. They use paper with a top, middle, and bottom line. This can be drawn out on regular plain paper as well to support their writing skills. 

Suggestions of what an academic schedule may look like:

We work in centers during our literacy and math times. To keep kids in a routine we would suggest picking four activities to have them rotate through (15-20min each). One or two needing some support and two or three that can be independent. We plan this out weekly but when the day comes we consider the mood of the room, the weather outside :), along with any changes to our days. We know many of you are working from home so if you have meetings that would be good independent times.

  1. Building center (use what you may have or kids enjoy) legos, magnets, blocks, toothpicks and marshmallows, trains, hot wheels, etc. Choose one a day and repeat as needed.

  2. Math activity with an adult or older child. Below are some suggestions.

Jelly bean activity that was described above

Games such as uno or dominos.

Worksheet game in packet, take turns with roll and color activities. 

Independent task such as: stmath/iready math or worksheet

  1. Read with an adult or independent.,, books from home library

  1. Art activity.

Youtube has many ideas and artists that draw with kids. We do these at school too. Mo Willems is also doing drawing activities.  Also one of our very own Munger Hill mom’s is doing a live art show on her Artworks Westfield Facebook page.

Stay safe!

The Kindergarten Team