Ms. Martell

Hello My Name Is...

Ms. Martell




Fourth grade is a year that is filled with new friends, new challenges,
and lots of learning and growing!

When students enter fourth grade, they make the move to the

intermediate wing from the primary wing.  With that move comes
increased responsibility; responsibility for more independent work,
work in cooperative groups, and work at home. We have high expectations
for our students, and emphasize quality in all that they do.

Students have a three ring binder that will travel back and forth to

school each day.  Within the binder are color coded sections that are
labeled by subject.  When a paper is returned, it should be filed
within the appropriate section.  This allows parents to see what kinds
of things we are studying and how their child is progressing. At the
end of each term we will empty out the binder to make room for the new
term’s papers.  Several color coded “reference sheets” in plastic
protectors will remain in the binder all year.  There is also a blue
Homework Assignment Notebook that is kept in the front pocket.  We ask
that parents check the binder/Assignment Notebook each night. We find
this system helps to keep the students organized, and provides an open
line of communication from school to home.  Also, the students take
great pride in their binders which demonstrates their new found
independence and responsibility!

A little bit about our day...

We spend 2 1/2 hrs. each day in the area of Literacy.   During this
time we work on strategies used in Reading, as well as developing our
skills as writers. We also have an hour of Math instruction where
students are beginning to use higher level thinking skills to solve
problems.  Approximately one hour each day is dedicated to either
Science or Social Studies.  In Science we will be investigating
animals, light and sound, properties of matter and earth’s land
resources.  Our Social Studies curriculum focuses on the regions of the
United States and our country’s government.

My goal is to create an inviting classroom where children want to come

to grow and learn. In a diverse classroom it is important to treat each
child as an individual with unique needs. Each day we encourage
children to express themselves, and “take worthy risks... but be
accountable.” When children become discouraged we try to change “I
can’t.” into “I’ll try.”

I’m excited to have the opportunity to work with and get to know all of

your children.

~Mrs. Martell