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                  Class Motto: ONE SIZE DOES NOT FIT ALL!

   This is a multi-grade classroom where the program is tailored to individual students’ needs, and we all know each of us learns and works differently. Mrs. Antico and I are working together again this year, and we have another great group of kids! (We always seem to get coolest kids!) This year we have 9 students in grades 3 and 4. Each child has a homeroom, where they start the day for a few minutes, and with whose students they attend lunch, recess, “specials,” and social events, such as parties. We have library time as a class every week. Please try to return books on library day. Most academic instruction takes place in our room. Though we teach all subjects, our emphasis is on reading throughout the curriculum. We have an excellent series of science and social studies books to deliver those subjects at each child’s reading level, so reading skills are addressed in all subjects.

   Students have individualized daily schedules hanging at their desk on their own personal bulletin board. This board includes copies of their work, a personal monthly calendar, various assignments or study aids, and a reward chart that is the source of the prizes your child periodically brings home. Each student has a locker outside our room.

   Each student has a home-school book that travels back and forth between school and home.  Each day’s homework is recorded there. This is also an excellent way for us to keep in touch. I often make notes about how the day went and I welcome notes from parents about anything that might affect your child’s learning or needs in class.

  I give small amounts of homework every day but Friday. Please let me know how homework is working out for you and your child.  Let me know if it is too difficult or frustrating.  It is intended as practice, not punishment.

  I am easy to reach whenever you want to consult about your child's progress or needs. I stay after school most days and am there quite late on Fridays. Just let me know you want to meet, and I can arrange a convenient time.  In addition, you may reach me via email at: s.wagner@schoolsofwestfield.org 


WISH LIST of things we need in the classroom:


   You can help your child succeed in school in a number of ways:

***READ TO your child often! This is just as important as having your child read to you.

--Discuss what you read with your child (NOT a “quiz,” just talk about what each of you found interesting).

--Make sure your child understands the homework, and that there is time in the nightly schedule to get it done. Both homework and class work will suffer if your child is hauled around to a wide assortment of sports games, clubs, and activities all evening and cannot get to the homework or get enough sleep. Understandably, there will be extracurricular activities for your child (and often, siblings), but try to exercise moderation and be aware of just how much your child can handle and still do school work.

--Be sure to offer praise for getting homework done! BUT: don’t do it yourself. You may certainly help if they need it, but let me know if it is a struggle for them. I don’t need to know how well YOU know the material; I need to know how well your child knows it. 

--Check your child’s backpack every day, including Fridays; there may be a note or letter to you or an announcement about Monday.

--Clean out the papers being sent home on a regular basis.  Admire your child’s work, notice what they are doing well, and where they are struggling.

--Make sure your child gets enough sleep; a sleepy, yawning child is not going to learn well. Research shows that lack of sleep significantly aggravates learning disabilities, ADHD, Autism Spectrum Disorders, anxiety disorders, and behavior problems. Understandably, there may be special family events that are inconveniently scheduled, but remember that a lack of sleep can set up for failure, not success, and minimize those occasions.

Please feel free to contact me if you have any questions.

Dr. Wagner