Mrs. Wippert

Hello My Name Is...

Mrs. Wippert


Dear Families,

     Welcome to Second Grade!  I am very happy to be your child's second grade teacher!  Second grade promises to be a wonderful year of growth as we begin by reviewing and improving on all that they have learned so far and then venture into new skills and lessons.  I am excited to be helping your children become better readers, writers and math thinkers. Kindness, caring and respect are the keys to our room being a safe, loving, happy and fun place to learn. 
     Practice is an important component for success in any grade.  With that in mind I encourage them to practice their skills at home. Homework will usually be assigned Monday through Thursday.  The students are asked to do four things, read aloud, practice spelling words and math facts, and complete a small assignment.  I encourage them to share with you what they’ve learned in school each day by showing you their work and talking about what they are learning.  Your help and involvement will keep you up to date on our classroom topics, as well as your child’s progress.     
     Working together and good communication between home and school are very important to me.  I know that together we can make this a wonderful year for your child. 
     Thank you for sharing your child with me for this school year.  Iam looking forward to working with you and to your child's success in second grade.  Please feel free to contact me if you ever have any questions or concerns.
                                                              Mrs. Wippert
Our Specials:

Monday- Technology
Tuesday- Health
Wednesday- Music
Thursday- Art
Friday- Physical Education
Our lunch and recess time is 11:40-12:20.

P.S. Parents often ask what I need for the classroom.  Thanks to the generosity of our parents, our class has always had a good amount of small Dixie/bathroom cups, tissues, Clorox wipes and hand wipes. Please continue sending in these items, as we go through them on a regular basis. (Hot weather means more cups, cold season means more wipes and tissues. Hand wipes are used daily before lunch.)

Thank you!