2nd Grade

March 23, 2020 Grade Two Parents,
Grade Two Teachers are asking our students to check their school Google emails.  We have sent emails to our students inviting them to join Google Classroom. In each Google Classroom, we have posted alternative learning suggestions, including Scholastic News Digital Magazine with printables, a short answer question, and login information for Epic (a digital library). Instructions on how to access the sites are included. 
Please share this information with other Munger Hill Grade Two Parents.
Thank you and stay well -
The Grade Two Team
March 16, 2020 Dear Second Grade Students and Parents, 

We hope you all are staying healthy during this difficult time. We are sure this is not easy on anyone. Try to enjoy the time with family, doing things at home you have wanted to do, but never had the time.

Here you will find information on the “Wax Museum” project that was sent home on Friday.  While your children are home during these weeks, they can begin/complete their work on the project. 

Wax Museum 

This project was to be completed as homework over the next 4 weeks. However, this is now a project that can be completed over these coming  weeks. Students can now choose whomever they wish to research, making the project even more enjoyable. :) 

Parts to complete -

  1. Choose a person of interest - Choose a well known person of interest that is either living, or deceased, that information can  easily be found through the internet or books you may have.

  2. Draw a portrait of your person - Picture approx. size 9x11. Portraits are drawings from shoulders up.

  3. 10 interesting facts about your person - The pink paper needed to complete this portion, is enclosed in your packet.

  4. Timeline - Using 8 -10 of your interesting facts, create a timeline of your person’s life. You may be as creative as you like in making this timeline, or use the orange paper attached in your packet.

  5. Using an index card- Compose a short introduction of your  person using the interesting facts you found.

Example - 

        ****Something similar to this that fits your person.****

“Hello/Hi/ Good Afternoon, , My name is _____. I was born on ____ in a little town called ____. I have always enjoyed ___________. In _____ , I became the first person/woman/man to ________. Later in ____ I     married/won/invented _______________.” 

(Continue the paragraph to include your  interesting facts chosen. End it with a statement about what you are doing now or if you are deceased.)

“I am currently living in __________ with my ________. “

“Sadly/Unfortunately I died in ___________ from ___________.”

  1. Practice reading this paragraph so that it sounds like you are actually that person. (Fluency is key.)  Most children memorize their introduction, making it seem more real to their audience, as well as, more fun for you to be an actor/actress.

  1. Locate items around home, or borrow items from friends to              dress like your character when performing your Wax Museum Character.

Additional Enrichment Opportunities...

IReady (Math and Reading) and STMath can be accessed through the CLEVER porthole that all children can access with their school username and password. 

  • Have your child go on STMath 30 mins per day.

  • IReady - reading 30 - 45 min per day.

Other great websites are :

arithmetic.zetamac.com- Speed Drill for addition and subtraction practice - you set the numbers you are working on. 


              … And More!

*Daily Journal writing can easily be done - Tell about something you did or learned new that day. Draw a picture to go with your writing.

*Have children read 20 to 30 mins a day and ask comprehension questions about what they read. Have them explain to you what is going on in the story they are reading.

* Play word games such as Boggle, Scrabble and Upwords. Also 

Monopoly is a great game working with counting money. 

*Nature Walk - Spend time outdoors noticing the natural changes that are taking place. 

IE - tree buds, flowers sprouting, birds building nests, spider webs, anything pertaining to changes in the season. Perhaps, create a Spring Nature Guide to share when we return!

If you have any questions, or anything else we can help you with, please send your child’s teacher an email, and we will get back to you as soon as we can. 

Working together we will get through this.

Thank you and stay healthy!

   The Second Grade Team