Mrs. Bala

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Mrs. Bala





Welcome to First Grade in Room 104. There are 21 children in our class.We have become a wonderful classroom family. This positive classroom atmosphere helps the children feel comfortable to participate and work cooperatively in whole class and small group activities.

The children are busy developing their reading, math and writing skills. It is an exciting time in first grade. You would be amazed at how much the children have grown and continue to grow in these areas.

Our specials schedule is as follows -

          Monday - Art

          Tuesday - Technology

          Wednesday - Physical Education

          Thursday - Health

          Friday - Music

Again this year our class is involving children and parents in two special activities to enhance the home to school connection. One of these activities is "Room 104 Traveling Elephants". We have 5 small classroom elephants. A child can take an elephant home in a Ziploc bag with a piece of story paper when he or she is going somewhere special. Somewhere special can be going to grandma's house,dance class or on a vacation. While the elephant is traveling with the child, the child takes a photo or draws a picture and writes a few sentences about the elephant's adventure. We will put all of these stories and pictures into a class book for all of the children to enjoy. It will be fun to watch the book grow.

The other activity is "Mystery Reader". This activity will not begin until a little later in our school year. I'll let you know when. For this activity parents and other guests are invited to sign up to come to our classroom as a mystery reader. Ssshh! Don't even tell your child that you are coming in. I will just tell the class in the morning that we have a mystery reader coming in that day.

The best way for parents to help their child is to take a few moments each day to look through your child's folder. This will reinforce the importance of school with your child and will keep you informed of the skills your child is working on at school. You can review these skills with your child. It is also important to read with your child each day.

Parents, if at any time throughout the school year you have a question ora concern, please send me a note. My hope is that by working together we can make this an enriching and enjoyable school year for your child.

Also, I want to thank all of the parents who have generously sent in Kleenex, wet wipes, paper cups and the many items you chose from our wish tree at open house. I appreciate all of your help and support.