EL Teachers

Hello Our Names Are...

Ms. Horton and Ms. Howard 


Dear Families,


While we wish we could be together at school, we wanted you to know that there are some great ways for you to continue to practice your English at home. 

Below are some resources to explore during our time apart. Check them out and let us know what you enjoyed when we get back to school.

If you have any questions or just want to say “hello”, please feel free to email us. We miss you and we’re cheering you on!

Munger Hill EL Teachers

Ms. Horton


Ms. Howard


Ideas for Learning at Home:

Web Resources:

Unite for Literacy This site has leveled books that you can listen to while you read along. There are different language choices at the top of the page. Try listening to a book in your home language and then listen to the same story in English!

Scholastic Learn at Home

This site has read-alouds, leveled books and videos that are appropriate for all grade levels. While you’re listening, notice that you can slow down the read aloud and click on words you don’t know for help!


This site has audiobooks for all grade levels and a choice of different languages. At stories.audible.com, you will find a mix of stories to entertain, engage, and inform.

International Children’s Digital Library

This site offers books in multiple languages and for children ages 3 to 13. Below are links to the site’s homepage in English, Russian and Spanish. From there, you can search for books in your home language and in English. After reading, tell each other your favorite parts of the story! 

http://en.childrenslibrary.org (website in English)

http://ru.childrenslibrary.org (website in Russian)

http://es.childrenslibrary.org (website in Spanish)

Mystery Science

Did you ever wonder why cats purr? Answer questions about the world around you through videos and activities. There are lessons about a wide range of topics from animals to engineering appropriate for all grade levels. 


Explore the natural world through videos, games and choose from many experiments you can do at home. From videos about plants and animals to exciting stories about people who have changed the world, Kids National Geographic has a little bit of everything.


Brainpop is a great website with engaging video lessons and games for children of all grade levels. Learn and practice new vocabulary and build those English skills in a super fun way!

Do you love to draw? Local author and illustrator Mo Willems is teaching a drawing lesson every day at 1:00. Look for LUNCH DOODLES with Mo Willems on YouTube. Then go read an “Elephant and Piggie” story!

Other ideas:

If you would like to access learning resources on television, check out our local PBS station. They will be putting together a special schedule of programs for children during the day. 

Remember: Imagine Learning is a great resource to practice your English skills! Using the program for 20 minutes a day will help keep your reading, writing, listening and speaking skills strong. You can log in with your Clever badge or through Munger Hill’s website. If you’re not sure how to do this, let us know. We can help!