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                      Mrs. Conroy


Dear Families,

Welcome to fifth grade! I’m looking forward to getting to know you and working hard on planning an exciting and rewarding year for everyone. The following information should be helpful to you.


It would be greatly appreciated if each family would provide their child with the following:


(1) Small  (1") three-ring binder with pocket dividers labeled for the following five subject areas: Social Studies, Science, Math, Reading/Language Arts, and Writing.

(6) 1-subject spiral notebooks
(Label each one with one of the following subject areas: Social Studies, Science, Math, Reading Centers, Writing, and Spelling (Student's First and Last Name should also appear on the front covers.)

(1) box of erasable  pens (optional supply-only erasable pens allowed for use in the classroom)

(1) box #2 pencils

(1) ruler (please label with student's name)

(1) box colored markers (medium point)

(1) school scissors with pointed tip
(please label with student's name)

(3) pocket folders (plain solid colors):

(Label one "HOME," one "SCHOOL," and one "WRITING.")

(Student’s first and last name should also appear on front covers.)

(1) medium size pencil/marker case or pouch

(6+) dry erase markers (black only) **We use these everyday. Donations of
these are ALWAYS welcome and greatly appreciated.

(2+) Sharpie permanent markers: Fine point (Black and/or colored are fine.)

(2) Sharpie permanent markers: Ultra Fine point (Black)

Please let me know if you are unable to supply your child with one or any of the items on the above list.I will be happy to accommodate them.


The following items are used daily by your children to help ensure sanitary conditions within our room. It would be greatly appreciated if each child would bring in some of the following items to add to our classroom community supply closet:

*large boxes of Kleenex  (Desperate need. We always run out.)

*boxes of small Dixie cups (paper or plastic)

*disinfecting wipes

*hand sanitizer in pump bottles

Please note... the above five items are optional. Thank you in advance for any donations you send in!


It is required that all textbooks be covered with paper covers (brown paper grocery bags work wonderfully!) I do not allow the use of stretchy book socks or sticky covers, whereas, stretchy book socks break the bindings and sticky covers leave a dirty residue. Your child will bring home one to two books a night to be covered and they must be returned the next day because we will be using them daily. Please make sure all books are covered.


If you have not purchased your child's backpack yet, I am asking that parents do not purchase rolling backpacks. I realize they are convenient for the children, however because of the wheels, most of them do not fit into the Munger Hill lockers and we do not have room for the children to store them within the classroom. Thank you for your consideration of this issue.


This folder is designed to help organize your child and also ensure that paperwork travels effectively between school and home each day. Please browse through it daily. In it you should find your child’s Homework Journal, any notices from school, as well as, corrected schoolwork and graded papers. Your child will be responsible for getting these important papers home to you and bringing the folder back to school every day.


I will provide homework journals for each student. In it they will write the assignments they are expected to complete, reminders, and test dates. Please make sure your child refers to this journal nightly to be fully prepared for the next school day.

Homework will be assigned most nights Monday through Thursday. It is not usually assigned for the weekends unless they have unfinished work, are preparing in advance for an upcoming test, or need extra time to work on long-term projects.

Some students will need only 30-50 minutes to complete their work, where others may need more time. If your child is taking longer than an hour to complete homework, please contact me so we can work together to help the situation.Although I do encourage parents to monitor that their child is completing the required assignments to the best of their individual ability, I ask that you avoid an overabundance of help that may alter the finished product in becoming your work instead of theirs. Please keep in mind that homework is one of the ways that I gather information as to whether or not your child has mastered a skill.

I strongly suggest setting up a regular time every day (if possible) when your child can complete his/her work. Set aside 50 minutes a day for their work time. If they complete their assignments early, encourage them to read, study math facts, or study spelling words in their remaining time. This may be tough to enforce in the beginning, but they will eventually do well with a routine.


It is very important that children entering grade five have a fast and fluent recall of the basic multiplication and division facts (from 1 x 1 to 12 x 12 and division, as well.) Much of what we tackle in fifth grade (i.e. :double digit long division) builds on a knowledge of these facts. My experience has been that children need to brush up on this information in the beginning of the year. It would greatly benefit your child and make their progression through fifth grade math much easier if they would spend time (10 - 15 minutes) each night reviewing and mastering these facts. If you have any concerns regarding this or would like to speak to me in person, please don’t hesitate to contact me.


Throughout the year the students will be given various tests and projects to complete. I will try to give the children as much notice as possible for upcoming tests and projects. I suggest they spend some time each night preparing for these rather than waiting until the night before. This will offer better results and be less stressful for everyone involved. When studying for tests, they can typically refer to the classroom text and their classroom notes. Please let me know if your child is having difficulty preparing for tests and projects. I will gladly conference with them to offer various strategies.


"The Watering Hole" -Children are asked to bring a reusable or disposable bottle of water to school each day. Their water bottles will be kept on their desks throughout the day for their personal comfort and convenience. (Note: Plain water only. Other liquids do a number on textbooks and notes. No flavored or vitamin water.)

"Morning Munchies" - There will be a time each morning for them to eat a "healthy" snack sent in daily from home. (Please no cookies, cakes, candy, chips,etc.) Some suggestions are fruit, crackers, granola bars, pretzels,dry cereal, trail mix, etc. Please remember to send in a "Morning Munchy" every day even if they are buying hot lunch. Hunger can be a great distraction from learning. (Please do not send in juices or other liquids besides water for "Morning Munchies." I will only allow water bottles at their desks, whereasother drinks are hazardous to textbooks. Thanks for your cooperation.)

"Cushy Tushies" - I’m sure it’s been many years since most of you had the opportunity to sit in a student’s desk chair for any length of time. I have –they are cold and hard. So I’ve decided to give the children in my room permission to bring in a small chair cushion (preferably with ties to secure it to the chair.) They may keep them at school to help provide warmth and comfort to their bottoms.

Specials Schedule

Monday- Music
Tuesday- Art and Library
Wednesday- Technology
Thursday- Physical Education
Friday- Health

If you have any questions,suggestions, or concerns throughout the year, please don’t hesitate to contact me here at school. I will be glad to meet with you in person or conference over the phone, whatever is most convenient for you. I’m looking forward to meeting all of you.


Rebecca Conroy

                          (Please detach and return to school.)

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I have received and read the above information in the "Welcome to Fifth Grade" letter.


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