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Mrs. Orzolek


Dear Families,

Welcome to fifth grade!  I’m looking forward to working with all parents and students to make this an exciting and rewarding year for all.  The following information should be helpful to you.

School Supplies

            If possible, within the first week of school all students should bring in a HOME FOLDER  and a DESK FOLDER. The HOME FOLDER should go home every evening and come back to school each morning.  It will contain important documents, and notices.  Please check this folder on a daily basis.  The DESK FOLDER will stay in school, and it will be used to store any work in progress or documents needed for class.  I ask that the students clearly label each of these folders so that they can be easily located.  In addition, I’d appreciate families to provide their child with the following:


  • ( 7 )one-subject notebooks for each subject area. The subject areas are as follows:Math, Reading, Language Arts, Science, Social Studies, Writing, and Spelling. The students will be using these notebooks for note-taking. Therefore, they may need to replace them throughout the year as they fill up, so getting extra is a good idea.The students should never get rid of their old notebooks, however, as they are replaced.


  • ( 1 ) three ring binder with dividers for each subject area ( you can pair Writing/ Lang Arts together ). This will be used for storing reference sheets, study guides, and corrected work.

Please let me know if you are unable to supply your child with the following supplies, and I will be happy to make other arrangements for him or her. I also find it important that each student have a school planner (the school often times will supply these). I have found that these can be very helpful for many students in organizing homework assignments.  Although many students can successfully manage their own homework planner/assignments, some may still need a great deal of support with this.  Therefore, checking your child’s homework planner on a daily basis may be necessary for some students.


Students will usually have 45 minutes of homework each night Monday through Thursday.  There is no homework assigned for the weekends unless they have unfinished work, are studying for an upcoming test, or need extra time to work on a long- term project.  Some students will need only 30 minutes to complete their work, where others may need more time.  If your child is taking longer than an hour to complete homework, please contact me so we can work together to help the situation.  I strongly suggest setting up a regular time every day ( if possible ) when your child can complete his or her work.  Set aside 45 min. a day for work time. In addition, 20 minutes for reading each night is strongly encouraged.  If your child completes his/her assignments early, encourage studying math fact, or studying spelling words in any remaining time.  This may be tough to enforce in the beginning, but students will eventually do well with a routine.

25 Book Challenge

I am encouraging all students to read twenty-five chapter books this year in fifth grade.  The students will place a sticker(s) on a chart as they complete each book.  The size and difficulty of a book determines the number of stickers the student receives.  The student will also be keeping track of the books he/she reads throughout the year on a reading log.  I am asking that parents initial next to each book as it is completed indicating proof that the student has been reading the book at home as well as at school. 


            I will try to give the students as much notice as possible for up-coming projects and tests.  I suggest they spend some time each night in preparing for these things rather than waiting until the night before.  Of course, this will offer better results, as well as be less stressful for everyone involved.  When studying for tests, they can typically refer to the classroom text, and their classroom notes.  Please let me know if your child is having difficulty preparing for projects of tests.  I would be happy to offer various strategies.


Monday   - Health

Tuesday   -  Music

Wednesday -Technology

Thursday  - Art

Friday –  Physical Education

  • Lunch 12:30 – 1:00


If you have any questions, suggestions, or concerns throughout the school year, please contact me at 572-6520.  I am available before and after school on most days.  I look forward to meeting all of you!


                                                                           Julie Orzolek