Mrs. Harris

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Mrs. Harris


Welcome To Room 107

 We are looking forward to a wonderful year of growth and learning with your children. We hope you find this information regarding our routines and procedures helpful.

Our room is number 107 and we are located in the primary wing of the school. We have 25 young learners this year.

Weekly Specials:




Thursday-Physical Education 

Friday-Health and Library

School Supplies

Due to limited supplies and to help facilitate clean-up, we request that each child bring in the following:

  • 1 box of Kleenex

  • 1 container of baby wipes

  • 1 package of Dixie cups

During the year refill packs for baby wipes, Dixie cups and Kleenex are always welcome and appreciated!


Your child will be given a two pocket folder for bringing home their papers and corrected work, as well as notices, information, notes etc. We ask that you please check the folder each day and go over the papers with your child. If you have any notes, messages,questions or concerns, it would be helpful if you sent them in through your child’s folder.


If your child will NOT be returning home in his/her usual manner please inform us with the required written note. This includes school sponsored programs. By the end of the day children often have difficult remembering early morning instructions and last minute phone calls to confirm plans, notes solve these problems.


If you wish to send in a nonfood item please notify me beforehand so I can give you an accurate count. As for invitations, school policy prohibits us from giving a class list along with addressed and phone numbers. We may only send you a class list of names.

If there are any conditions/problems which you feel may affect your child’s school performance, I urge you to contact me and set up an appointment for a conference. We are looking forward to a fun, exciting and successful school year!


Mrs. Harris